Beta: Chloe Bridgewater, a resident of the United Kingdom, sent a handwritten letter to the Silicon-based company Google telling them she would like to work there in the future. In return, she got a personal, printed reply from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Chloe’s father Andy Bridgewater shared the details in a post.

Who won’t like a workplace having spaceships, slides, go-karts, rooms filled with sponge balls? So, is the case of the seven-year-old girl Chloe Bridgewater from Hereford, United Kingdom.

One day, she wrote a sort-of job letter to Google boss after taking career advice from his dad who is a sales manager at a refrigeration hardware firm in the UK. “When I am bigger I would like a job with google,” she wrote in the letter. Other than her Google dreams, Chloe wants to be a swimmer in the Olympics and work at a chocolate factory.
Chloe Bridgewater Letter Google
Image: Andy Bridgewater via BI

Chloe received a personal response from Google CEO Sundar Pichai. Pichai said he would wait for her job application in the future. For now, she should work hard and follow her dreams.


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