We all know about renowned British scientist Stephen Hawking, who spent most of his life studying the complexity of the universe. He mostly talks about black holes, quantum gravity, quantum mechanics and much more interesting things.

Well, the good news is Wheelchair-bound theoretical physicist and cosmologist is finally going on his very first space odyssey. Guess what? Stephen Hawking is passionate about his forthcoming Space Flight on Virgin Galactic.

Stephen Hawking, in an Interview with a TV show Good Morning Britain said: “My three children have brought me great joy — and I can tell you what will make me happy, to travel in space.”

“I thought no one would take me but Richard Branson has offered me a seat on Virgin Galactic, and I said yes immediately” Well, all the thanks goes to Sir Richard Branson and his Virgin Galactic Spaceflight company who has opened space travel to common folk.

Stephen Hawking even told that he had never imagined that he’d ever be able to land in space which is his wildest dream. Well, this Virgin Galactic’s space travel isn’t going to be the first time when Stephen Hawking would experience Zero Gravity.

Back in the year 2007, Stephen Hawking enjoyed zero gravity through a flight aboard a revised Boeing 727 aircraft controlled by Zero Gravity Corporation. Well, Stephen Hawking is bound to a wheelchair as we already mentioned because he suffers a motor neuron disease since he was 21. He speaks through computers and travels with staffs.

Last time when he experienced zero gravity in a modified Boeing 727 jet he said “The zero-G part was wonderful, and the higher-G part was no problem. I could have gone on and on. Space, here I come!”

The date of a journey has not been set yet. Stephen Hawking believes that the venture is sooner rather than later. However, Stephen Hawking is the only person who has been given a free ticket with Virgin Galactic.


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