Ambient display feature was introduced with lollipop which is available on the latest model devices. It would be useful if we have it in the old devices. In this post, we are going to see the 2 different methods to enable ambient display on any android device (both rooted and non-rooted).

What is Ambient Display?

The ambient display mode is a feature that was introduced in lollipop by Google. It wakes the device when it is picked up and light up the display for a few seconds when new notifications arrive. It shows the notifications on the lock screen of the device and you can view the notifications without unlocking device.

We can enable it on latest model devices by following these simple steps

  • Go to setting > display.
  • Find ambient display and enable it.

If you are using old devices, we can enable it with the following 2 different methods. Let’s get started.

Enable Ambient Display on Android

Non-Rooted Devices

In non-rooted devices, we can enable it by installing an app called “AcDisplay”.


  • Android 4.3 or above


  • Install and open the app.
  • Turn on AcDisplay.
  • Go to settings and Customize the options as per your need.

However, here are some important settings that you should use to get most out of this app.

Blacklist option (tap on apps option) – by default, it displays downloaded apps. If you want to display system apps, click on the overflow menu (three vertical dots) and enable system apps.

Tap the app and you can see three options

  • Hide – makes notifications from the app will not be displayed.
  • Silent – screen won’t wake up when notifications received for this particular app.
  • Non-clearable notifies – show ongoing notifications such as from services.

Active mode

This mode wakes the device when you pick up the phone. It is using device sensor to achieve this. To disable active mode when there is no notification, follow these steps

  • Tap on active mode.
  • Uncheck enable when there are no notifications option.

ambient display

You can also check it out these options

  • Lock screen
  • Inactive hours
  • Wake up on notification
  • privacy

Also, try the other options in the app to customize them as per your need.

enable ambient display

Rooted Devices

We are going to use xposed framework and its module to enable ambient display on rooted devices. If you don’t have xposed installer in your device, check it out this guide to install xposed installer on android.


  • Rooted android device
  • Xposed framework

I assume that you have the above requirements and let’s go ahead to enable ambient display mode.


  • Open xposed framework.
  • Navigate to download section.
  • Search for the module “enable ambient display”. This module helps us to add this feature.
  • Download and install it.
  • Activate it under the modules section and reboot your phone.
  • Now, open the app in your phone.
  • Customize the settings as per your need.

That’s it and you are done. Now, your device has the ambient display feature.



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