Well, we must admit that the return of Nokia is being more powerful than expected. Recently we have seen Nokia launched three android powered smartphones in MWC 2017. Nokia 3, 5 and Nokia 6 are the smartphones that were announced.

However, these three smartphones are mid-end and users are still expecting a premium smartphone. Well, we have previously read few rumors regarding Nokia 9, the high-end smartphone from Nokia.

Here in this article, we are going to share 5 rumored features that Nokia 9 might introduce:

#1 6GB RAM

Nokia 6 features 4GB of RAM. However, Nokia 9 is rumored to come with 6GB of RAM. Recently, Samsung launched Galaxy S8 with 4GB RAM considering that Nokia’s 6GB RAM variant will kill all the competition.

#2 128GB Internal

Nokia had just made a comeback and Nokia 6 carries 64GB of internal storage. However, Nokia 9 is rumored to be available in two variant 64GB internal and 128Gb internal. The storage can be expanded up to 256GB with the help of MicroSD card.

#3 Snapdragon 835

Nokia 9 had been rumored to feature latest Snapdragon 835 processor which is the most coveted processor right now. So, if this rumor comes true then Nokia 9 might be the second smartphone to feature Snapdragon 835 after Samsung Galaxy S8.

#4 Iris Scanner

Nokia 9 is expected to arrive with an Iris Scanner which is currently present in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+. It will also boast a fingerprint sensor and IP68 dust and water resistance.

#5 Nokia OZO audio

The rumors claimed that Nokia 9 will be the first phone to feature OZO Audio. Nokia claims OZO as “Advanced psychoacoustic technology” that “allows sound to be captured and played back just like it would in real life”.

So, these are the 5 rumors that prove that Nokia 9 will be the king in the smartphone industry. So, what do you think about Nokia 9? Share your views in the comment box below.


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