Previously, we have seen the Anti-secrecy organization, Wikileaks published more than thousands of documents which they have called “Sophisticated software tools” that are used by Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

We had also shared an article regarding the documents that are published by WikiLeaks. Well, Wikileaks just released new information regarding CIA malware program which is known as “Grasshopper

The Anti-secrecy organization has disclosed 27 documents from Grasshopper framework. Well, Grasshopper framework is a platform used by Central Intelligence Agency to design malware payloads for Microsoft Windows.

According to WikiLeaks “Grasshopper is a software tool used to build custom installers for target computers running Microsoft Windows operating systems.”. Well, Grasshopper can detect the operating system and also knows the security system of the computer.

Grasshopper has the ability to escape detection by anti-malware software. If that was not enough then let me tell you Grasshopper reinstalls itself every 22 hours, even if you have disabled the Windows update.

If you want to read the documents related to the Grasshopper framework, then visit this link. So, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.


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