There are few days each year when most parts of India get fogged up and visibility dips down. While such weather instantly arouses a sudden need for a warm cup of coffee and a cosy bed with a warm quilt, what it also creates is extremely difficult driving conditions. So here are a few simple tips on how you ease your driving experience when "white" is all you can see.

First of all, morning mist is a common phenomenon through the winters. To tackle the mist most people run the wipers dry which causes a lot of muck. Don't do this. Instead, the wiper fluid along with the wipers while cleaning morning mist for better car hygiene and visibility.

There is a difference in temp inside and outside the vehicle, your windows will fog up and reduce visibility. So in addition to the front and rear defoggers, you can tackle the situation by switching on the AC, and simultaneously increasing the temperature of the blower, and directing the draft towards your windscreen. This will keep your car cosy and your vision clear.

When you sit in the vehicle, adjust your seat to the highest position to maximize your view of the road. Keeping your eyes fixed on the road thereafter goes without saying.

Your headlights and fog lamps will be most useful in the fog, but remember not to drive on HIGH BEAM. High beam will reduce visibility in foggy conditions and give you the illusion of driving into a white-wall. Instead keep the beam low and focus on the road.

Once you are driving it is advisable to follow the white lines running through the road and keep your Google map handy, so that you don't stray off your route. It is not advisable to drive along the curb, because curb driving increases the risk of ramming into the curb at a turn.

Bigger vehicles emit more heat and therefore tend to disperse more amount of fog around, so it is a good idea to drive behind a truck or a bus in foggy conditions, but don't forget to maintain appropriate distance.

These are some basic tips on how you can improve your driving experience in the fog but just in case everything fails, there is zero-visibility and you feel nothing is helping, then park your car at a secure location, switch on your hazard lights and wait for the weather to clear up as nothing is more important that your safety. Stay safe and enjoy the weather.

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