123Movies is a free movie streaming website that has been offering its services for a couple of years. Therefore, anyone in search of a free movie streaming site will most likely come across this site.

The site has a very huge selection of movies, TV shows, and even music. This has practically turned it into the go-to movie streaming site for many people. At the moment, thousands of movies and series episodes are available for streaming on the site.

Is It Legal To Use 123movies?

Given the controversial nature of the services it provides, 123movies has suffered a number of challenges along the way.

In fact, the authorities have on multiple occasions tried to shut it down. But to avoid serious problems with the law, the site ensures that it does not to store the content it offers to users on its servers.

But shutting this site down, and others like itself, is easier said than done for the authorities when you consider that 123Movies and similar companies have a reach that extends far beyond any single country’s jurisdiction.

Organizations in the industry have also targeted the site for letting people gain access to copyrighted content for free. But once again, 123Movies may not be violating any laws, it just links to content easily and freely accessible online. The site does not even allow users to upload content.

However, as it basically the norm in the industry, the company has used several other domains through which it continues to bounce back from such setbacks and keep its fans happy.

There have even been times when users would have considered using alternative sites, but overall, the site has been a good source of high quality video content for its users.

Today, the free online movie site has become quite popular for its quality offering. In addition to regular and HO movies, users can now find 2K movies on the site The available content is also from a broad range of countries.

In addition to the US, there is content from countries such as India,China, Japan, and even South Korea.

The breadth of genres on offer is also just as varied as the source of the content the site offers. Some of the movie categories users can browse through include comedy, crime, western, and many others. Basically, 123moveies is a rich source of video content for all categories of consumers.

In fact, in addition to movies, the site is also has a great selection of musical content. This includes music videos as well as recordings of popular music shows and events.

So, from the look of things, 123Movies will be a reliable and exiting source of content for lovers of popular TV series, shows and movies. Music lovers also have something to gain from paying this site a visit.

Popular TV, Movies, and Shows to Watch on 123Movies

123Movies is home to the latest and the most popular movies and shows. Here are some of the popular TV, Movies, and Shows you can watch on 123Movies free.

TV Shows

The popular TV shows you can find on the site include

  • Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Friends
  • 13 Reasons why
  • Breaking Bad
  • Humans
  • Cloak and Dagger
  • Queen of the South

There is even a broad selection of animated series on the site

  • Tangled
  • The Series
  • Persona 5
  • The Animation
  • Cardfight VanguardG, Z

and a host of other releases releases dominated by Japanese productions.


Popular movie titles are:

  • Jurassic World
  • Paul
  • Apostle of Christ
  • Escape Plan 2
  • Hades
  • Ocean’s 8
  • Incredibles 2
  • and Life of the Party

More recently released movies like Open Season, Scared Silly, Yosemite, She and I, and Space Unraveling The Cosmos and The Day Hitler Died are also available for streaming on the site

Quite a selection of animated movies is also available on the site These include Ghost Stories, Christmas Every Day, Kung Fu Panda 3, Barbie, Spy Squad, Christmas Every Day, Ghost Stories, and Big Hero 6 among other choices.

How to Use the 123Movies

Using 123Movies is pretty easy. Basically anyone with a basic understanding of how the web works can use the site to stream and download movies. Anyway, here the process of using 123Movies to watch popular movies online.


  • On the site’s homepage, there is a list of the popular and the latest movies, series, and shows at the moment; and from all around the world. Look through this selection to see if what you need is there.

  • To visit the old version of website, click the button under search box.
  • By clicking on it you will see the whole bunch of suggestion which is widely been watched over the 123movies.

  • The next tab will have the list of latest movies and TV shows which are recently been uploaded.


  • If none of that gives you what you want, or you would prefer to search for one specific show or movie, then you can use the search bar to see if they have what you want.
  • Just select or search your favourite Movie to watch.

  • Just click on the play button and get ready with your popcorn!

You can also create your account on this website and you can save your favourite tv series or movie which you would like to watch in future.


123Movies free content has been a godsend for many movie, TV shows, and series fans looking for a chance to enjoy their favorite video content online. With a sheer selection of content that extends far beyond average, and very permissive viewing terms and conditions, this site has become a top choice for anyone in search of a good place to have a great time over the web.

The site has been in business for a few years now; and despite challenges from authorities and other organizations, it continues to offer quality services to its users. Using the site to search for content, fortunately, is very easy and painless. Most likely, the search for a good place to stream your favorite movies, series and shows will be over once you land on 123Movies.