Amazon prime is a paid subscription service which was founded in 2005 and was launched in India in July 2016. Indians, as viewers, have always been in love with channels that have the majority of the most favourite shows and movies airing on it. The newer trend has most of its viewers engrossed in web series as it provides a new flavour and a plethora of genres for them to choose from. This has become one of the major driving force behind the popularity of some channels among them are TVF, Viu, Voot, YouTube, Netflix etc.

Also, the majority of viewers are constituted of the younger generation who are more attracted towards the tech-savvy mode of entertainment than the traditional television era. It has impacted them, mainly, by the availability of time, now one may not necessarily have to dedicate hours to television rather they can simply log on to these apps and watch as per the preferences and suitable time.

Similarly, the focus has now shifted from typical TV serials to latest broader ideas such as thriller, romcom etc. The viewers are expecting much more than the traditional series. The web series is a perfect example since one of the major reason for their growing popularity is they are finite minus unnecessary stretches that can lead to the distraction of the viewers.

Amazon Prime has taken one such initiative taken by Amazon which is one of the major shareholders in the market offering users a variety of TV series, web series, movies and what not which makes the users’ experience better as it is programmed to be convenient, cheap and diverse.

The Journey of Amazon Prime:

When Amazon Prime was launched back in 2005 it was offering a membership with annual fees of $79. It was then expanded to different countries such as Germany, Japan etc.

In 2007,

Amazon Prime was launched in the United Kingdom. In 2011 it was announced that the Prime subscribers can also access Kindle.

There was a hike in subscription fees from $79 to $99 somewhere in the earlier half of 2014. A new feature called Prime photos was updated which allowed its users to save their photos to Amazon drive.

By the end of 2016, a monthly subscription was also allowed for $10.99 which is known to be increased to $12.99 in early 2018. The introductory price in India was RS 499 it was available on Web, Android, IOS.

The Amazon prime is made available in around 6 regional languages  in India which include:

1. English  2. Hindi 3. Marathi 4. Bengali 5. Tamil 6. Telegu

Content Management (India):

The content that was made available to its subscribers in India is a perfect blend of exclusivity and popularity, likewise, accounting for various genres such as comedy, romance, drama, thriller etc. Prime also had some of the mainstream movies also being offered to customers. For example, Currently, Padmavat the magnum opus of Sanjay Leela Bhansali is made available for viewing to subscribers from 27th March onwards.

Amazon prime has also tied up with the most prominent names of the Bollywood to showcase their respective ventures. Dharma Productions owned by Karan Johar, Vishesh Films owned by Mukesh Bhatt and T-Series owned by Bhushan Kumar are the major partners.

Amazon Original

This is most loved segment by the subscribers as it offers TV shows which are very popular among Indian viewers such as House of Cards etc. It also has enriched Indian content with the announcement of 9 Original Indian Series which spread over a wide range of genres such as drama, comedy, biopic, mythology etc.

Amazon Prime also shook hands with Anurag Kashyap’s Phantom films, Farhan Akhtar and Ritesh Siddhwani’s Excel Entertainment.

Amazon Prime Subscription

It is a very simplified process as it requires users to sign in using their Amazon Account. After logging in they are directed to the homepage. The Annual Subscription costs the users Rs. 999, in India.