Android O’s Official Name May Be Exactly What You Thought, Leak Reveals

Google tries to turn up the curiosity levels for every Android release, mostly, the naming part. For Android O, people have their assumptions about what name it might carry.

Many of them think the official name for Android O would be Oreo. But there are other possibilities as well, including Ontbijtkoek, Oliebol, Oatmeal Cookie, etc.

According to a file (now deleted) spotted by Android Police, Android O’s name may have been revealed accidentally. The video file named “GoogleOreo_Teaser_0817_noDroids (1).mp4” is an eclipse-themed Android O teaser.

Android O name leaked
Image: Android Police

The Android-maker shared the file in a post made through their Google+ account. It can also be the case that Google was trying to drop a hint. Google later replaced the post with another video called “Octopus Teaser.mp4”.

Android O name leaked 2
Image: Android Police

We can only hope that it’s a random name, not another hint. Indeed, Oreo would be a better choice than Octopus when picking names for Android O.

Curious minds can have a sense of satisfaction after knowing the name. But do keep in mind the fact that Android O release is scheduled for 21 August. Still, there are two days left. You can watch the live stream of the event happening in New York at 2:40 PM Eastern Time. The release date has been synchronized with the solar eclipse which is the first of its kind since 1918.

Arpit Sharma

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