Remember those introduction videos that Apple made to help people familiarize themselves with the original iPhone? In 2007, the company’s goal was to get users comfortable with interacting with a big (at the time) touchscreen and showing them slide to unlock. It’s been a long time since Apple has had any need to teach consumers how to use the iPhone again, but the removal of the home button and debut of Face ID are definitely big enough changes to warrant some new lessons.

Today Apple released “A Guided Tour” for the iPhone X, a video that clocks in at around 4 and a half minutes. In it, the company goes over all the basic gestures that buyers of the phone will perform daily such as swiping up to go home, swiping up and holding to launch the app switcher, quickly jumping between apps by swiping across the home indicator, and setting up Face ID.

The company is also encouraging people not to wait for Face ID to authenticate you before swiping up on the lock screen. “You can glance and swipe all in one motion.” If you do that, Face ID can often feel faster than Touch ID.

An Internet Archive capture of the old guided tour section for Apple’s original iPhone in 2007.

A lot of what’s covered is stuff that you might already know by now — even if you don’t have or plan to get an iPhone X, but there are a couple useful tidbits. I wasn’t aware that you can drag up an Animoji and drop it in as a sticker over any iMessage conversation.

Separately, if video walkthroughs aren’t your thing, Apple has also added support documents to its website covering all of these same essentials for Face ID and navigation gestures. There’s also a new page that covers the Super Retina OLED display, where Apple says that slight color shift and even minor burn-in over time are “expected behaviors” of OLED.