This Bicycle Purifies The Air To Reduce Pollution

The pollution in cities has become a serious environmental problem, and Beijing is one of the cities with the worst air quality in the world. In order to reduce the effects of harmful gas emissions, a number of initiatives have been launched, such as the creation of a municipal environmental police, but more measures are needed to improve air conditions.

The Roosegaarde study, which in 2015 launched a project called Smog Free Tower to build a giant air purifier in Rotterdam, has an idea to reduce air pollution in China’s capital: to make bicycles that purify the air while people pedal. “It’s still in development, but just like with our Smog Free Tower this bike sucks polluted air and releases clean air around it,” says Daan Roosergaarde, the Dutch artist who created the company.

According to the founder, the system to filter the air that would integrate the bike would not be very different from the one found in the Smog Free Tower. The device is a giant purifier 7 meters high and 3.5 meters thick composed of a wind energy structure that filters and cleans the air.

According to Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), the tower can remove up to 70% of PM10 and up to 50% of PM2.5, two of the suspended particles responsible for urban pollution.

Roosergaarde has relied on this technology to create a device that integrates into bicycles, taking advantage of the growing popularity that this means of transportation is acquiring in the Asian country. The idea is that the mechanism releases positively charged ions into the air, in order to trap and absorb the pollutants.

The researchers are working on the design of a prototype air purifier for bicycles, with the collaboration of Chinese and Dutch organizations. It is quite possible that agreements will be reached with local bike sharing companies, such as Mobike, to introduce pollution- reducing bikes.