As a brand, Bose has got a lot of fluctuation from Audiophiles, but there is no denying that they make some great audio products. QC series is a noise cancellation force with which the sounding is a great portable speaker. Today we have a premium soundbar from Bose, Bose Soundbar 700. Overall, the quality of the sound output is what you expect from the Premium Soundbar, and it also brings some unique work with you. However, there is lack of soundbar in the features.

Inside the Box

In the box, you will get the soundbar itself with remote control. You get four AAA batteries, a cleaning cloth, ADAPTiQ headset, optical cable, HDMI cable and, of course, power cable. It is good to pack optical and HDMI cable in the box, it is a premium product. A cleaning cloth is also a boon, and we will highlight the fact that why in the design section Remote control with the system is very interesting and we will look into it in the review too.


When it comes to connectivity options, There is soundbar has an HDMI port for ARC connectivity, but sadly that HDMI is not a pass-through option, which is disappointing at this price point. There are lots of soundbars offering this feature and some like JBL SB 450 (Read our reviews here) even provide 4K HDR patroon, which makes it an HDMI hub under your TV. Moving forward, Bose Soundbar 700 has a port for optical input, USB input CEC and of course the ADAPTTQ headset. You can also connect your smartphone to the system via Bluetooth if you wish. Soundbar also supports Alexa Voice Control, so if you want to change the track or increase / decrease the volume, then you do not need to find your smartphone or remote control.

Setup Bose Soundbar 700

The more time you spend in installing the Soundbar, the better the experience will be. Why do you ask Well, to get the best output from the soundbar, you will spend some time calibrating it in your listening state which is a perfect thing. After connecting to your TV via ARC or an optical cable, you will be prompted to download the Bose Music app. Once the app had downloaded, you can follow the onscreen instructions, which are pressing too much, and Bose is making an account or signing in. During setup, you will be asked to connect the ADAPTiQ headset and sit in 5 places in your room, where you are most likely to sit down watching TV. It calibrates the soundbar to give you the best possible listening experience for your sitting position. I highly recommend watching this setup as per the instructions. It affects the listening experience.

Once you follow the instructions on the app, you can go to check the remote control included with the soundbar as a universal remote control. This will enable you to switch to your TV, set-top-box and even your gaming console.

Overall, installing the Soundbar takes some time, especially when it comes to your hearing, but it is worth the effort.

Construction and design

Talk about the design of the soundbar; it is available in two colors – black and white. The top of the soundbar is tempered glass, and even though it looks stunning, there is a danger of collecting dust efficiently. Bose has also included a microfiber cleaning cloth inside the box. You will also spend some time cleaning the soundbar. The soundbar is going to measure slightly below 40 inches. It is ideal for 50 or 55-inch TVs and can be heavy under a small TV. All the connectivity options can see from outside. The top homes have two sensitive buttons – one to mute the microphone and the other one action button. Below the button, a small thin white light rests on the panel in front of the soundbar, which is illuminated when you give an Alexa command or interact with a remote. Many times, pulsed light looks like a science-fi movie.