Can’t Buy An iPhone!! Turn Your Android Into An iPhone X !!Hurry!!

The world has just seen Apple’s 10th anniversary of its first iPhone. On this big event, Apple unveiled iPhone X. According to Tim Cook, the launch of iPhone X was called as “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone”

Well, iPhone X is something extraordinary, the phone features a unique design and new technology that makes it so perfect. iPhone X was the first smartphone from Apple that features a bezel-less design.

Recently a developer who goes by the name Idoidea had created an app that can turn any Android device into an iPhone X. The developer has created an Android app that actually brings the iPhone X’s distinctive camera cutout to Android devices.

The App goes by the name “Xoutof10“ basically does nothing apart from just creating a black space around the top of the screen. The black space mimics Apple’s sensor-packed notch.

If you are an Android user, just install the app XOutOf10 from Google Play Store. The app is free to download and is compatible with Android devices running on Marshmallow and above.

Developer: Ido Ideas

Price: Free+

After downloading the app, you need to Grant the permission to “Permit Drawing Over Apps”. Android oreo users can’t enjoy this app because the simulated notch will be hidden while dragging down the notification panel.

XOutOf10 App

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