BillDesk, a Mumbai based payment gateway, recently launched the first crypto-currency by India – Coinome. Using Coinome the users will now be able to on-boarded through Instant e-KYC. Immediately after registering, the users will be allowed to transact by crypto-currencies. Coinome offers optimum price to users, as it is an open order boom crypto-currency.

The exchange will support instant deposits through payment gateways and instant withdrawals, therefore allowing transactions on any day of the year, even if it is a national or bank holiday.

Coinome – headquartered in Mumbai, is incorporated under Hatio Innovations Pvt. Ltd, a BillDesk subsidiary. “We would fundamentally like to provide Indian users with a secure and convenient means for buying or selling Bitcoins, and other crypto-currencies and promoting the same within Indian masses as commercially viable alternatives for building their digital assets,” said Vivek Steve Francis, CEO of Coinome.   

Coinome in promoting crypto-currencies as feasible avenues for transactions and investments etc. will be supported by BillDesk, expertise in online secure payments.

Srinivasu MN, Co-founder, and director of BillDesk said, “Advancements in Blockchain, as well as crypto-currency space, are happening at a rapid pace. We are making the long-term bet that digital currencies are going to be powering transactions in the future and change the way consumers and organizations interact and transact with one another.”