As an annual event, tech giant Apple holds an event called Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in California open for all developers around the world. This will be a chance for these budding and professional developers alike to meet with Apple engineers and join them in informational workshops that will add value to their careers.

The WWDC held last year was a successful event, with loads of new technology that Apple announced. Among these were IOS11, macOS High Sierra, ARKit for 105 developers, watchOS 4, new IPad Pro models, MacBook updates, iMac Pro, the new HomePod, and updated iMacs with brighter displays.

This Year’s WWDC

Of course, WWDC 2018 will be an even grander conference compared to last year There are tons of new technology waiting to be announced, including updated versions of IOS, macOS, watchOS, and NOS. Developers and the general Apple fans are anticipating a lot of new stuff coming out for them, especially the new MacBook Pro that was rumored to be announced.

A couple of rumors have leaked as well, such as details about the new macOS and IOS 12. There will also be a massive change happening soon that we can’t wait to see.

Additionally, universal apps that will work across Mac and 105 devices are in the works and Apple plans to introduce them soon.

There are a couple of reasons to wait for WWDC 2018, considering its amazing reputation from the past years. Here we will list a few things why WWDC is the most anticipated conference in the tech world.

New Tech Announcements, Probably the main reason why WWDC is the most awaited event for developers and the general public, Apple always introduces and spills more information about its new technology across all its devices.

Each new technology will be presented in an in-depth manner by Apple engineers, ensuring that the conference attendees get a good grasp of how it works and why it was created. This will inspire the attendees and motivate them to come up with fresh ideas to contribute to today’s technology.

Scholarships for Swift Technology Creators

Apple recognizes the talent in everyone, so they are offering to provide scholarships to those will create an ingenious Swift Technology that will showcase the applicants’ talent and skills.

  • All they have to is be 13 years or older,
  • registered as an Apple developer, and
  • part of a STEM organization or enrolled full-time or part-time in a course of study that is accredited by Apple.

WWDC 2018 will be awarding 350 young developers with one year Apple developer memberships, and scholarships that will help shape their future.

Exciting Week for Attendees

If you have been lucky and managed to get ahold of a ticket for the WWDC 2018, this week will be the week that will have an imprint on your lives.

Aside from getting a chance to hear the newest tech first-hand, you will also be able to have meaningful and insightful conversations with Apple engineers, get to tour their labs, consult with the experts in regard to polishing your app, learn from guest speakers, and just simply enjoy the celebrations and get together with great music.

WWDC 2018, a Once in a Lifetime Surrounded by people in the industry that is shaping the future, WWDC 2018 is definitely an event to remember. Indulge in new tech and good company — all in one event.