Looking for extratorrent proxy or unblocked sites, Why not? When you want to watch a newly released movie or play that premium version of a game and your friends don’t have it, where do you go? Torrent, of course! For years, Torrent sites have become the go-to place for users who want to download movies, software, games, and music without paying a dime

It all started when Bram Cohen created the BitTorrent in 2001 to distribute Linux operating system which used Peer to Peer protocol. It was also known as Mainline due to its official origins. When version 6 was released, it was rebranded as ATorrent.

Today, torrent is no longer an open source, and it is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Android. It is a widely popular medium where people can upload different types of files for users to download from any corner of the world.

Why Is Torrent Banned In Some Countries

There’s nothing wrong with torrenting, but downloading copyrighted work that belongs to others is illegal! The hosts often contain pirated contents including modeled materials, software, songs, and newly released content that impact the revenue of the original creator. Asa result, torrent sites have been banned in several countries.

As there are tons of files uploaded and downloaded in the torrent community, they are managed by large servers that have immense storage space, along with end-user storage space.

The two main sites widely used for downloading content were ExtraTorrent and kickass. After the kickass torrents closed down, ExtraTorrent has become the most popular. Today there are many ExtraTorrent proxy sites available for accessing a wide range of files and all you need is an internet connection and downloader. As it is difficult to regulate the type of content people can download using the torrent site, many countries have banned its use to stop piracy and safeguard the interest of original creators.

Some of the countries that that completely banned torrent sites are Portugal, Malaysia, China, Italy, US, Australia, South Africa, Australia, Latvia. In some countries, people may still access Torrent sites but downloading illegal or pirated content is heavily fined. These countries are Germany, UK, Japan, Finland, UAE, and France.

There are some countries where piracy is illegal but there are no strict laws or very minimum fine if you are caught using one Countries where downloading pirated content is overlooked by the government are Canada, Netherlands, Mexico, Israel, India, Slovakia, Slovenia, Columbia, Brazil, Philippines, Argentina, Iran, Egypt, Denmark, and Singapore.

In the rest of the world, you can still access ExtraTorrent and other proxy sites with some regulation. Interestingly, downloading pirated content for personal use is legal in countries like Spain, Switzerland, and Poland.

Is It Possible For Government To Ban Mirror Sites

The proxy and mirror sites work as the relay between the users and ExtraTorrent servers. Many people who can’t access ExtraTorrent directly (mostly people from countries where it is banned) use the proxy or mirror sites to access the servers. Even if the government bans one server, there are many others that can be accessed with ease. The main difference will be in the speed and ping rate.

How To Access Torrent If You Live In A Country Where It Is Banned

If you live in a country where the government has banned torrent sites or levies hefty fines on those who are caught torrenting, there’s still hope for you You can still access the treasure house of exclusive movies, songs, and games. You just need a Virtual Private Network or VPN!

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With a VPN, you can access the Internet without disclosing your identity as some of the sites also help you cloak your location by allowing you to connect to the server using an IP belonging to a different country. So, you can use the IP of a country where Torrent is legal to connect to the server and download as much as you like!

When choosing VPN, you need to be careful because not all providers allow torrenting. There are some VPNs that allow you to connect to some dedicated servers only and there might also be some limitation on downloading speed.

So, when looking for a VPN to access torrent servers, make sure you pick the one that has good download speed to avoid waiting too long to access your content.

How Do Proxy and Mirror Sites Work?

To use Virtual Private Network, you first need to look for a genuine ExtraTorrent proxy and unblocked mirror sites list. When you click on the site link, it will establish a connection with the server and fetch you the homepage of a torrent site This process of hiding your location while you access prohibited sites is known as 80 cloning’. It is named so because the process is similar to creating a copy of the original.

These sites are supported by an advanced and regular link update mechanism that helps in keeping them active. When the ExtraTorrent mirror site is active, you will see a message that says a ClExtraTorrent unblocked’. Sometimes a link may work no longer, so go to the next one

ExtraTorrent Proxy and Unblocked Mirror Sites List

If you live in a country where accessing torrent sites is restricted or banned, you have come to the right place. We have listed the best proxy and unlocked mirror sites that will help you unleash the torrent sites to their full potential.

Each link below has been checked manually for speed and authenticity so just go ahead and enjoy downloading the content of your choice.


Extratorrent official site: Extratorrent.si


Extratorrent Alternative


There are over 200 torrent sites but many of them are not as fast as you want them to be. Most of the traffic is taken by ExtraTorrent as it is more responsive and offers a good user interface. The proxy and mirror sites mostly work with highly reliable servers in countries where torrenting is either legal or the government overlooks it. The above-mentioned sites have been carefully handpicked to ensure that you get good download speed with minimum downtime. These sites run on premium bandwidth and they have dedicated employees to cater to your proxy needs.

Happy downloading!