If you think strategy games are only to be played with a mouse and a computer, you would be surprised to find out that you can enjoy the challenge of winning strategy games on your Phone to. Mainly due to the user-friendly, performant touchscreen controls Phone features, playing strategy games on the iOS platform is a real pleasure.

There is a large variety of strategy games available for this platform, and you can spend whole days trying and testing games, but here are the top 5 strategy games for Phone:

5. XCOM: Enemy Within

XCOM:Enemy Within is an expansion of the successful XCOM: Enemy Unknown (strategy game of the year in 2012) and features previous version’s core gameplay, with more exciting abilities, maps, missions, soldier types and enemies added. XCOM games are well known for being the finest and most exciting squad-based strategy games available out there in the App Store, and the 105 version does not disappoint its fans. When the XCOM: Enemy Within sequel was released, the XCOM: Enemy Unknown has been removed from the App Store, but the best part is that the sequel contains almost everything from its previous version with impressive additions. The game is built around the core idea of fighting several battles and completing missions against aliens invading the planet.

4. Rome:Total War


This is a classic, all-time favorite that did not lose its magic and fans when transformed for the 105 platform. It is a wonderful strategy game, a combination of history (and this makes it a great choice for those who are Roman Empire and history fans) and latest technology. Rom. Total War offers you the possibility to dive in the Roman Empire’s history and play epic battles with your own strategy, using your skills to implement tactics in the gameplay. The main purpose is to become the Imperator of Tome and you can experience legendary historical moments in the Roman Empire’s history while developing cities and military settlements to expand and grow your army and defense.

3. Invisible Inc.

This game is a turn-based game that generates levels as you advance into play, and the main idea is that you have to make your way to go further by controlling ten characters. Each of these characters has many options that allow customization, and this feature makes the game very complex. It is catchy and attractive, even if it takes a while to get used with all the secrets within. But when you become accustomed to many of the game’s in-and-outs, you will definitely spend hours and hours enjoying and discovering more excitement.

2. Plague

Plague Inc. is not at all a classic strategy gam. It has a twisted core plot: you actually play as a deadly disease, and the ultimate goal is to eliminate the human race off the planet. As you advance through the game, you get DNA points (for example, for infecting humans) and you can use these points for upgrading and improving the disease. The challenging and exciting part is that you have to choose the upgrades wisely, as the humanity is also working against the disease (researching on how to destroy the disease). You also have to make interesting decisions such as invading cities’ centers, killing the people in the medical community and find all the possible ways to eradicate humanity before they discover a cure.

1. Clash of Clans

In this game, the main purpose is to become the biggest and strongest township in the area. You can mine four resources and you can build fortified buildings, you have an army to grow and train and then think attack strategies. The best way to survive is to destroy, and you constantly face goblins’ attacks. You won’t have too many relaxed moments, as you either have to spend time growing and protecting your clan or attacking and conquering other clans and settlements.