The tech giant Google’s ecosystem is increasingly getting complete and offers more and more solutions to users to group all their information.

Using this permission, the American tech giant Google has now introduced the new personal search method, which lets you search for content in Google Photos and Gmail.

When we want to do a search, the likelihood of us relying on Google’s search engine is huge because of the reliability of its results.

Throughout the ages, the technological giant Google has been trying to constantly improve its system, trying to offer its users ever more complete, accurate and adapted service.

So in order to merge the whole search part into a single site, a new search engine option has now been added that lets you find results within Gmail and Google Photos.

Now, when doing a search, next to the option to search for videos, photos, news and maps, will now appear a new option to search for personal content.

This new method will only be available when the user has logged into their own account and will search for content that you have in your Google Photos and Gmail with the keyword you decide to search.

This is the first step in focusing all your search within the Google ecosystem on one site, making it easy for us to find our files.