Well, everyone loves to use Google services. However, do you know about Google Opinion Rewards? It is Google’s simple survey based app which was so far restricted to only certain countries.

However, the good news is Google Opinion Rewards app is now available to Indian users also. The search giant has recently launched Google Opinion Reward app in India, Singapore, and Turkey.

Well let me tell you about Google Opinion Rewards, this is the app which frequently sends you surveys to complete and pays you for doing so. The app is free to download from Google Play Store.

Well, users need to download and launch the app. Then they have to answer few basic questions about themselves. Google will send users a survey once a week on average. The company will pay you $1 in credit per survey which you can use to purchase games or apps from Play store.

According to Google, the surveys will be not that much complicated, the questions can range from ‘Which logo is best’, ‘When do you plan on traveling next’. So, Google opinion reward is undoubtedly the best way to get some Play store credit.