Gmail, Google’s popular email service has rolled out updates to its service, which, according to Jacob Bank – Gmail’s Product Manager, are aimed at “making people safer and more productive.” Some features have already been rolled out, while some are under development.

To check out these features, sign in to your Gmail account, Go to Settings by clicking a cog wheel in the top right corner and select “Try the new Gmail’

Gmail has redesigned its User Interface to incorporate features like self-destructing emails, nudging, email snoozing and Confidential Mod. This is a leap in the tech world and email messaging in particular. This set of changes by Gmail is centered around security, ease, and convenience.

The confidential mode allows the user to send sensitive information and setting an expiration date after which the email cannot be accessed. The sender can also revoke the message entirely. Gmail has also introduced Two-factor Authentication under the confidential mode which prompts the recipient to enter a pass code to read the contents of a received mail. This feature is still under development, and Gmail is set to roll out this tech in weeks to come.

Security has been put into greater focus in this redesign, and the service has put in place Al and Machine learning algorithms to authenticate received messages. The update has also made security warnings prominent to deter phishing scams and other suspicious activity.

The nudging feature in Gmail resurfaces emails which are regarded as important and require an urgent or timely response. Gmail can resurface these emails by using various indicators including certainty of the content and its recipients.

The Smart Reply feature, which existed in Gmail’s Mobile App is being introduced to the web version. The offline mode feature has been revamped to ensure that users can access their inbox tab offline while working in the same Ul. This update also focuses on integration with other Google Suite Apps which include Google Keep and Google Calendar.

Gmail Mobile App

The Gmail Mobile App has not been left out in this redesign. Changes to the mobile app include a notification filter and a one-tap unsubscribe prompt. The notification filter intelligently sieves high-priority emails and notifies the user when these emails are received. Unsubscribing from newsletters you no longer read has been made easier by the one-tap unsubscribe prompt.
These changes will enhance the User Experience as far as email tech is concerned.