Google’s Find My Device App Is The Next-Gen Android Device Manager

On mobile devices, in addition to data security, users need to be concerned about the physical security and location of their device.

All systems have an app dedicated to finding and securing security in the event of loss or theft, and the tech giant Google has now renewed its own. Android Device Manager gives place to Find My Device.

For many, this may be a new application, but the truth is that Android Device Manager has been on the smartphone’s of the tech giant Google since 2013. This is one of the apps that no one expects to use given its specificity and help it provides. Whenever an Android smartphone is lost or stolen, it is the one we use to locate it and, if we wish, block or simply delete the data.

The tech giant Google has decided to take advantage of changes in the security strand that is doing on Android and presented Find My Device, the successor to Android Device Manager.

This app helps you easily locate a lost Android device and keeps your information safe while searching for it. With Find My Device it will be possible to take 3 types of actions whenever you need to interact with your lost or stolen phone.

The first allows you to locate your phone, tablet or watch. The location of each of your devices is displayed on the map in real time. Then, in the second way, we can force the device to play a sound, allowing you to find it easily, whenever you’re near it.

A third, more security-oriented, allows you to block, delete or show a message on your smartphone. This will allow anyone who finds your phone to communicate with you without access to your data. At the end, and assuming the loss, you can even delete all your data as well.

Find My Device is part of a wider security suite, Google Play Protect, which will also evaluate installed applications and eliminate potentially dangerous ones.

Bringing Find My Device to the Play Store also ensures that it will be simpler to update the app and the features it offers, no longer dependent on Android updates, which may or may not emerge.

This was one of the new features that Google presented at this year’s I/O conference and indeed many have already installed it. The Device Manager should have been updated and is now called Find My Device in your Android.

So, what do you think about this new renewal? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.