Only a day prior to the last scene of “Round of Thrones” Season 7 set to hit the screens, the HBO programmers calling themselves as “Mr Smith” have released the peak of the progressing season, in this manner finishing the anticipation that kept the a large number of fans on toes.

As per Mashable on Friday, the hacking bunch which stole roughly 1.5 terabytes of information from HBO have discharged, what they call, a 6th rush of releases that contain classified plot outlines and points of interest of how the season will end. “Mashable has perused the classified synopsis however has picked not to distribute the unequivocal subtle elements,” the report said.

Accordingly, HBO has said the programmers may keep on dropping odds and ends of stolen data trying to produce media consideration. “That is a diversion we’re not going to take an interest in,” HBO was cited as saying.

The hacking bunch requested roughly $6.5 million worth of Bitcoin from HBO however that request has not been met up until now. Be that as it may, the hacking bunch guaranteed to have sold the stolen information to three clients in Deep web who paid them half of the sum they had asked for in deliver from HBO.

“Coincidentally, we formally educate you and different many correspondents whom we are messaging that we sold ‘HBO IS FALLING’ whole gathering (5 TB) to three clients in Deep web and we earned portion of the asked for recover,” the programmers said. “We put a condition for our regarded clients and they affirmed. We will release numerous many rushes of HBO’s inward stuff to rebuff them for playing us and set a case of eager organization.”