With the immense amount of time you need to spend on social media to make regular posts on your business’ official accounts, it would leave no time for you to focus on other aspects of managing your business. This is a big challenge to most of you who the size of your business cannot allow you to hire a social media expert. It would be too expensive.

This is where automation tools come in to help you maintain a strong online presence while leaving you enough time to pay attention to other aspects of your business.

And now, without further ado, here is a list of some Instagram automation tools and photo editing applications for you to try out.


  • Buffer is a great automation tool for saving time when managing our social media. It works for a variety of social media platforms but we shall focus on Instagram.
  • This tool helps you in scheduling your Instagram posts. It will quickly and easily remind you to post them according to the posting schedule you put in place.
  • You can manage several accounts using this tool and it even helps you create beautiful Instagram content through its web or phone app.
  • When it’s time to post, Buffer will send a notification directly to your phone and will load the photo to the Instagram app and copy a suggested caption onto your phone’s clipboard, ready to be pasted to the post right before sending it
  • Apart from all this, Buffer also lets you track and measure your posts’ performance and how your followers are engaging with your content.
  • You should note though that with Buffer you can only manage one Instagram account for free but for multiple accounts you will have to upgrade to a paid plan.


  • Hootsuite is very similar to Buffer in regard to the services they offer They also do not post your content to Instagram for you as it is in violation of the terms of using Instagram.
  • However, Hootsuite has all the tools to help you in managing your social profile and automatically find and schedule effective content.
  • This tool also helps you manage your brand on Instagram as it tracks down where and how many times you’ve been mentioned. It also has also set up measures to protect your profile and account against hackers.
  • Similar to Buffer, it has a free trial plan with limited features. Getting a paid plan unlocks more useful features.

3.Over (Android App)

  • Over is one of those android apps that are simply like answered prayers. While you wouldn’t be able to find it on Google Play, you can download it from numerous sites such as apkmonk.com and others.
  • Over has several tools that can help you create that perfect post that you have always tried making but couldn’t get quite right. It has the option of picking a photo from your album or taking one using your camera.
  • It also has tons of little doodles that you can add to your photo. It also has a text option where you can write text on your photo using hundreds of different fonts. The amazing thing is that Over has also included a tool which you can use to change the color of your text and the numerous doodles that the app has
  • After you are done editing your photo, simply swipe the yellow arrow on the right across the screen, rotate the wheel and you will find that you can share your photo directly from the app to Instagram.
  • However, you have to upgrade to a paid version to access most of its features.

4.Imagequote (i0S App)

  • This 105 app is developed and distributed by Red Cactus LLC.
  • It has a rating of 4.5 stars from almost 4,000 reviews on iTunes.
  • It has similar functionality to the Over app as it enables you to create beautiful text pictures for Instagram.
  • It is an awesome app to use to spice up your Instagram posts as it features 50e fonts that you can use to add tags at the bottom of your pictures.
  • This app also has 20 unique templates, access to high quality background photos if you have none and it lets you post your edited photo directly to Instagram.
  • However, you have to upgrade to a paid version to access most of these features.


  • Sendible is a social media management software that is very similar to both Buffer and Hootsuite. It can help you manage multiple accounts from different social media platforms all at once.
  • For managing your Instagram account, Sendible works in pretty much the same way as Buffer and Hootsuite do. It allows you to schedule posts but doesn’t post them for you.
  • However, it does send you notifications that remind you to do so. When you click on the reminder its automatically takes you to the Instagram app where you will find your scheduled photo ready for upload together with a suggested caption copied onto your phone’s clipboard.
  • The main difference between Sendible and Buffer and Hootsuite is that Sendible is more geared to marketing agencies as they do not have a free plan for single users. The cheapest Lite Package starts at $41 a month.

6.Fonts (i0SApp)

This is yet another powerful photo-editing app that is developed and distributed by Pixer Studio. It is an 105 app that has tons of features for spicing up your Instagram posts. This app has received a 4.5 star rating from over 1000 reviews on iTunes.

Fonts has more than 100 cool fonts and more than 1000 text emoticons which will help you style up the captions of your posts, This app has enables you to mix and customize your own font styles. When you are done editing, this app also has a tool that enables you to directly share your work to Instagram and other social media platforms.

For more functionality, you will have to make some in-app purchases.

This brings us to the end of this article. I hope you have learnt that maintaining your social media accounts needn’t be a tedious and time consuming task. Instead, you can streamline this activity by using photo-editing apps such as Over and Imagequote to spice up your posts and then schedule your automation services to handle the scheduling for you. Do not forget that you have to do the actual posting though.

Beware of services such as Instagress and Massplanner

These services post content for you on Instagram. They violate Instagram’s terms of use and thus they were shut down. Using such services could result in the disruption of your whole posting schedule, loss of money you used to subscribe for those services and also disciplinary action against you by Instagram.