Currently, many businesses are conducted online. The best and profitable medium to help you achieve your online activities is a great laptop. But, the choice of laptop will affect the way you conduct different tasks. From communication, storage of business information, audiovisual editing and many other activities, HP Spectre X360 series laptops give you an incredible service. Although there are many laptops available in the market today, the HP-Spectre X360 stands out in terms of functionality and durability. Below is a comprehensive HP-Spectre X360 review.

How does HP Spectre X360 look?

Design and display

Touchscreen: Just a touch and you do all that is needed. Apart from its easy operation, the touchscreen feature is very classy for you.

Sleek and slim: This gives this laptop a stylish look due to this kind of design. You experience the pleasure when operating it, especially in public.

Convertable screen: This feature allows you to use this HP Spectre X360 as a laptop or a tablet allowing you to choose the best way to use it There are fewer chances of broken hinges since the screen can be used on both sides, unlike the fixed ones. You can carry it easily and use it anywhere when as a tablet.

Made of metal: Just like strong metal products you know, HP Spectre X360 laptops are made of Aluminium serving you for as longest time as possible. It also rarely get damaged in case it falls.

Lit keyboards: When you are typing at night or in the dark, there is no need of looking for light as the keyboard is visible.

Full HO screen display: Depending on this type of the HP Spectre X360 you have, the full-screen display offers you the best quality pictures and videos. A very special feature especially when you are editing. Its 4K display gives you clear images that are of high-quality keeping in mind visual clarity is very vital.

Lightweight: Weighing some pounds, its very light enabling you to carry it wherever you are In case you plan do the task wherever you are, portability offers a lot of support on this.

What makes HP Spectre X360 amazing technically?

Core i7 Processor: Enables you to run and use editing software with an ideal response rate when in use. You also enjoy advantages such as an awesome cooling system, large size caches and a general fast performance of the laptops.

8GB RAM: When browsing, this ram gives you an incredible speed that keeps you updated online. You are also assured of having no problems when running many programs at the same time Further, this feature boasts a fast performance when using the laptop for different tasks.

Long lasting battery: If you are planning to do your activities whether browsing or editing in a place that does not have electricity, HP Spectre X360 is the real deal For over 10 hours, you can do a lot without charging the batteries.

Latest windows: You are assured of latest Windows 10 that helps you to do all that is needed with ease. Advantages such as antivirus come with windows 10 keep your laptop safe.

11 MP Camera: Communicating with your business partners, friends or family is very convenient with the high-quality webcam available in this laptop. As online communication takes over this era, a clear picture or video is very vital especially when having a business communication. You can just imagine what an 11 megapixels camera does

Sufficient storage: For a good editing session or storage of data, enough or even extra space is very vital. HP Spectre X360 offers you a 256 GB storage space. The internal storage makes it easier to carry and even retrieve information unlike walking around with external hard drives.

Easy connectivity: With enough USB ports and even the Bluetooth, you can connect and share information between your laptop and a mobile phone. This feature enables you to access information in different mediums available. You only need a USB cable or just a Bluetooth connection and its all done.