Soon after announcing a partnership with AMD to create a new 8th Gen Core chip that’ll house an Intel CPU and AMD GPU, Intel has announced the appointment of Raja Koduri as Intel chief architect and senior vice president of new Core and Visual Computing group. He would also serve as general manager of a new cutting-edge computing solutions initiative.

For those who don’t know, Raja Koduri is a well-known name in the world of silicon. Prior to Intel, he was working with AMD as chief GPU architect. Just yesterday, he resigned from AMD.

Koduri will start in early December, and as the Intel’s announcement suggests, he’ll be working to expand Intel’s current leading position on integrated graphics market. He’ll also work to develop “high-end discrete graphics solutions” for a range of computing segments.

From high-end discrete graphics, we can easily predict that, in upcoming years, Intel might announce dedicate GPUs for high-end gaming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Nvidia’s efforts in similar areas aren’t hidden from anybody. On the other hand, Intel is chiefly known for its processors and integrated graphics solutions for laptops, PCs, and servers. With the help of Koduri, Intel aims to compete with Nvidia and Intel in a better manner.

“I am incredibly excited to join the Intel team and have the opportunity to drive a unified architecture vision across its world-leading IP portfolio that help’s accelerate the data revolution,” Koduri says.

For the end consumers, this could mean that we might be using a high-end PC with an Intel CPU and GPU in few years. Is this move an indication of tough times for AMD and Nvidia? Don’t forget to share your views and predictions with us.