Apple is among the world’s leading PC companies both in terms of providing design tools and being design focused. The world has consequently offered various concepts for the expected MacBook Pro expected to be released in 2018.

Earlier this year Apple unveiled the new 9.7inch Ipad  and also announced Red Iphone 8.

A designer by the name Daniel Brunsteiner has brought the idea of the Touch Bar to a new level. The designer has designed the Touch Bar being spread across the width of the laptop. The design could sparkle anger among some of the MacBook fans. The step, however, could be in the same direction as when phones shifted to touch from the keyboard style. The design took quite a while before all companies incorporated it into their phones, including Blackberry. One other great thing Apple could do is the integration of the Taptic Engine to allow better feedback. According to the image by Daniel Brunsteiner, the touch keyboard is likely to allow using a stylus pen. The use of the stylus pen is a great tool for image and video creation, in addition to manipulation. The concept, nevertheless, is just a fan-made concept. According to a current patent by Apple, the idea is one of the ideas that the company is seriously considering. All in all, granting of the patent does not mean that the idea is to be implemented in 2018.

Date of Release

At the moment, there is no clear indication of the exact release date for the next MacBook. The release date can still be speculated following the release of the previous MacBook releases. In 2017, Apple surprised the world by releasing its MacBook Pro in Jun. The release date was just after Apple’s World Developers Conference. The surprise was as a result of the previous release. In 2016, Apple released its first MacBook Pro with a major redesign. The release of the MacBook Pro was also the premiere of the Touch Bar and the T1 co-processor that powers the laptop. Since 2012, the MacBook Pro received only slow upgrades until its other release in 2016. The MacBook release in 2012, was similar to the 2017 release since it was immediately after Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Considering the above release dates, the 2018 release date could be speculated to take place in June and maybe, just after the 2018 WWDC.

In the event, Apple Misses the June release, the next probable premiere could be in late 2018. The release could happen in November, ahead of the Christmas and the shopping rush over the holidays. The rumor is, however, subject to change depending on the various market dynamics.

MacBook Pro Price

One of the unsurprising factors is the release price of the MacBook Pro. The price that is usually speculated tends to drop with a minimal margin with the arrival of the debut date. The price of the MacBook Pro is not expected to significantly change in comparison to the past prices. As for the Touch Bar model, Apple has hit a good price spot with the prices ranging from 1,700 US dollars, 1,749 Sterling Pounds or 2,699 Australian dollars. The price of the 15-inch model, however, raises the price at a higher margin.

The price of the MacBook Pro that has no Touch Bar in the past times, has ranged from 1,299 US dollars, 1,249 Sterling Pounds or 1,899 Australian dollars. If the pricing was to change, Apple would simply have to consider upgrading the hardware of the low-end laptop to increase the price. In addition, the company would have to wipe out the Touch Bar model and stick to the model with the Touch Bar for the prices to go high up than the normal price.

Expectations for the 2018 MacBook Pro

  • Longer Battery Life

The MacBook Pro has struggled to maintain better battery life in comparison to other Apple laptops, despite Apple’s laptops being recognized for lasting power. The most recent MacBook Pro lasts about 6 hours and a few minutes in terms of battery life. The battery life of the MacBook Pro is significantly low in comparison to the claimed battery life of Apple laptops of 10 hours. One of the items on our wishlist is for an upgrade of the next MacBook in terms of processor design to ensure it offers a better battery life to boost its power needs.

  • More Ports

The presence of the Thunderbolt 3 USB ports has led to many people using SD cards to transfer data Apple should consider pushing the industry a little lesser and less fast – since some of the upgrades may not be necessary at the current times.

  • New MagSafe Charger

Charging the MacBook via a USB-C has become the replacement for the MagSafe charger for Apple’s laptops. The MagSafe charger had many people love it for various reasons. Exempting it from the device could be part of people lacking contempt with their laptops.

  • A better Keyboard

Unexpected to many people, the incorporation of Apple’s butterfly mechanized key switches in the 2016 MacBook Pro, was a great upgrade. The keyboard was a big step from the one on the 12-inch MacBook as it has had increased tactile inputs with the same amount of travel.

The design of the 2016 MacBook keyboard was one of the designs that inspired the 2017 MacBook design. The need for further upgrades to the keyboard could not be clear as of the moment, but sticky keys have been a problem for the Cupertino-born laptop as for the professionals. However, there are rumors of implementation of a virtual touch screen keyboard by the Cupertino tech behemoth that has haptic feedback for better input. This design could be a great upgrade if it was to be implemented in the 2018 MacBook, to solve the unending sticky keys problem. Apple has, in addition, filed a patent to address various keyboard concerns which is a description of some kind of ‘guard structure’ that is to aid exclude crumbs and spills from getting into the keyboard. The ‘guard structure could be helpful to clumsy people and people who have habits of setting drinks beside their laptops. Liquids and electricity do not mix When electricity meets the liquid, the meet results in the destruction of many electronic circuits and possibly shocks. These shocks are dangerous to both humans and pets. If Apple implements this upgrade to the 2018 design, it could be of great help to many.

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