Microsoft Announces A New Version Of Windows 10

The tech giant Microsoft’s strategy has changed radically over the past two years. In addition to fully entering the hardware market, in particular with the 2 in 1 Surface and the new Laptop Surface Laptop, it seems to have new plans for its operating system as well.

The tech giant Microsoft’s Windows 10 will have a new Pro version especially for the companies which thus joins the previously announced Windows 10 S.

In this way, the company tries to satisfy different needs by diversifying the characteristics of its operating system. A version of Windows 10 for each type of user, a strategy that at the moment seems to be working. Windows 10 is still not the most used OS in the world, a place which is still reserved for Windows 7, but steadily Windows 10 is gaining its ground.

Now the tech giant Microsoft aims high, nothing more and nothing less than companies. Windows 10 Pro already exists, but now comes with various performance improvements that will make it even better for professionals who handle a large volume of data.

That’s why the new version of the system that will arrive in September will do so with improved compatibility for high-end hardware. This should ensure the best performance on most powerful computers.

These are all new features of Windows 10 for Workstations:-

Support for nonvolatile memory modules: The NVDIMM-N format comes fully into the system thanks to the support for these modules.

Improvement in file transfer: The SMBDirect file management system is incorporated to increase the speed of data transfer between computers of the same network.

Workstation Mode: Like Gaming Mode, this mode optimizes the resources to improve performance in graphic and video editing and complex calculations.

ReFS replaces NTFS: The NTFS system has been using Windows by default for years. Now, in the new version of Windows 10 will not be like this. ReFS is much faster and stable handling in a large amount of data.

Support for PC with four processors: If Windows 10 Pro supports sockets with two processors, then this new Windows 10 Pro version for Workstation expands that number to four.

So, what do you think about this Windows 10? Simply share your views and thoughts in the comment section below.


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