Microsoft Is Testing A Much More Secure Edge

The constant search for a browser that is really secure and immune to attacks on the Internet has led large companies to test more or less innovative solutions. The tech giant Microsoft, which has Edge, the most advanced browser, now wants to achieve what has not yet been found.

The Edge will soon become more secure, resorting to an idea that is not new. This browser will run in a virtual machine to protect you and all its users.

This new solution that the tech giant Microsoft is now going to embrace for Edge is not new and many have been using it for several years now. By holding the browser inside a virtual machine, it can be isolated from the operating system and thus avoid transmitting any problems to this and to the users.

Presented in September last year as the future way to ensure maximum security on the Edge, it has now come to trial versions of Windows 10, where it can already be used by those who are in the Insiders Preview.

According to the tech giant Microsoft, Application Guard will ensure complete isolation of the browser on the operating system, running almost externally to it and not having access to data storage and other hardware that may imply problems.

Once the Application Guard is activated, adding it as a new Windows functionality, it will be in the start menu and when it is executed it opens an Edge window, which is already running in a virtual machine but integrated into Windows 10 itself.

Of course, this additional security brings some disadvantages, but that additional security pays off. The Edge will slow down and, because it is isolated and has no access to the disk, every time the Edge is finished, all user data will disappear.

This seems like a smart move and it will bring the security that Windows 10 users need. Edge security will be high and will allow you to isolate your PC from the Internet and all the problems it may bring.

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