Razer carries a respectable history in the world of PC Gaming, after being the first to launch a mouse for gaming, high-end, in 1998. They are now manufacturers of hardware and peripherals in the PC environment, both Desktop as a portable, but now they are considering becoming the first manufacturer of mobile for gaming. A ‘play’ evidently backed by the Netxtbit purchase they made last January.

The smartphone market, although it has slightly decreased its trend, continues in growth and there are obvious leaders, as well as a large number of manufacturers in the middle scale in the struggle for profitability, but also a wide range of companies that do not stand out. Razer wants to become a mobile manufacturer soon, but differentiating itself from all its competitors in a direct bet focused on the gamers. A good idea if we think only of the huge success of mobile games, but doubtful if we review the approach of the most successful devices.

Razer will enter the smartphone market by targeting ‘gamers’

There are manufacturers who have specialized in the resilience of their smartphones, for example. Others that struggle in the market for its low price, and others that look for their way in certain specializations and differentiations. But at the moment there is no manufacturer of smartphones specialized in gaming, and yes a vast aftermarket to enjoy the games we installed on the smartphone.

The company seems to be working to exploit its own experience in the gaming environment, but in PC, next to the experience of Nextbit in smartphones, to give us the first smartphone gaming.

Another interesting move, by Razer, occurred in 2015 with the acquisition of Android OUYA. By then they had a first contact with the gaming world within the Android operating system. Now, having bought a company dedicated to smartphones with this operating system, Razer is prepared to launch the first smartphone that specializes in this branch. However, it is still unknown what technical specifications will be launched, and of course in what price range will be around. But it is expected to be similar to the current high-end smartphones.