It is common knowledge that Android is an open and versatile operating system that enables you to customize it according to your preferences. Sure, you can use your phone as it is with the settings that come in default. However, you may find it advantageous to consider rooting your phone or finding hacking apps for Android root.

Here are a couple of reasons why rooting your Android phone can bring you immense benefits:

Make the Incompatible Compatible

There are times when you want a feature but the factory default of Android does not let you access it. Also, there might be times when you want to install an app but your phone says it is incompatible. Fortunately, a simple root of your Android phone can remedy this issue.

When you root your phone, you are able to install apps that might be originally blocked and even get the hidden features of Android’s latest version. Additionally, you can gain access to the ability to power up the hardware of your phone. Basically, rooting provides a wider range of things to do with your phone.

Automate Pretty Much Everything

Tasker has been making a lot of buzzes lately. It is an app that makes anything on the phone automated. Majority of the Android phones available today do not need to be rooted in order to install Tasker. But, if you have a rooted phone, there are additional features that you may find beneficial.

With Tasker and a rooted phone, you can toggle 3G, GPS, and even change the speed of the CPU seamlessly.

1.Maximize the Battery of Your Phone

Again, there are many ways you can do to help your phone work faster. You can also boost the battery life without a root. But, rooting offers a much more capable set of tasks. There is an app called SetCPU that enables you to overclock the phone so it performs better or underclocks it so you can have a better and longer battery life.

Rooting also gives you access to an app called Greenify where you can set the apps to automatically hibernate when they are not in use. This is a perfect solution if you have apps that suddenly runs in the background when it is idle.

Prevent Ads from Apps

We can all attest that apps can be very annoying when we play games or when we are using an app. While from a business standpoint, ads are the way to make money, it takes a toll on the consumers as it can eat up a lot of data. When you root your phone, you have the ability to block annoying ads when you are using an app.

Rooting your phone will enable you to install apps like AdFree, AdBlock Plus, and Ad Away. However, if you are not so keen on rooting, you can always go into airplane mode when you are using these apps.

Rooting an Android phone may not be everyone’s cup of tea but know that when you have Hacking apps for Android root, you can maximize your phone to the fullest of its ability.