Reliance Jio Is Offering Extra Data To These Customers!

What have we learned from recent Reliance Jio campaign? we found that Indians are always at the peak to avail any facility regarding the Internet. Reliance Jio already gave six months of its free services which include unlimited data, Unlimited Voice calls and SMS to its subscribers.

Right now users are enjoying the summer surprise offer which is also free. However, it looks like Reliance Jio is now offering 20% extra data to customers who are using an LYF smartphones.

Well, the MyLyf website banner reads “Buy LYF Smartphone Get 20% More Jio 4G Data” That means users who are eligible for 1GB of free 4G data can enjoy 20% extra data which makes it 1.2GB per day.

Well, there is a catch. MyLyf is giving away offer to the only handsets which are the branded under Lyf ‘Water’ that range between Rs 6,600 and Rs 9,700.

This offer came in the spotlight when the sale of LYF branded handsets started to fumble. Well, the launch of LYF smartphone at the cheap price of just Rs 2,999 and free 4G data had taken the market by a storm.

So, if you are willing to pay in between Rs 6,600 to Rs 9,700 then you will get the only 200Mb of extra data which turns out to be way too expensive. Reliance Jio VoLTE smartphones are available at Reliance Retail store.

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