Smartphones have become a necessity for the world in which we are living due to extensive dependence on digitalization. The tech-savvy attitude of people has to lead to an enormous increase in the usage of smartphones. Smartphones have, no doubt, made life much easier for the people as everything is at our fingertips. Now, there is no need of many hassles for completion of mere tasks which can be completed in few seconds with the help of smartphones.

Evolution of Smartphones:

The first mobile phone was launched in India on 31st July 1995 Union Telecom minister Mr Sukhram and then chief minister of West Bengal Mr Jyoti Basu were the first ones to interact with each other using mobile. Then came Nokia with its basic handsets followed by Tata, Reliance, Samsung who started plunging into the Indian market with its respective models after analysing the trend showing rapid growth in this sector.

It was then on 29 June 2009 Taiwanese company HTC launched its first smartphone in our country. Ever since then we have been witnessing a consistent growth. It was followed by Samsung, Motorola and almost all major shareholders of the global smartphone market to make their way to the Indian market to secure a place for themselves and set up a customer base.

Ever since the smartphone industry has been one of the major contributors to growing economy of the country.
Now we come to a major controversial issue that has been making round throughout the country for quite some time that whether smartphones are a bane or boon to the World. There are different opinions throughout the nation and each aspect ignites a new series of thoughts in the minds of many people that leave them pondering over the same fact.

Why are people getting addicted to the Smartphones:


one of the major plus points is that we can install as many apps as we want which is helpful to us either directly or indirectly. These apps make our life less complicated. For example,  shopping apps such as Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Nyka, Bigbasket simplify things.

Applications may also serve as a mode of entertainment as games, music, television and other intriguing segments of the entertainment industry are now easily available of the respective application stores.

Keeping in Touch

They also assist in keeping in touch with our loved ones via calls, texts and social media apps as well such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat etc. Also, online wallets such as Paytm, FreeCharge, MobiKwik which have proven to be very beneficial.

We ought to accept the fact that smartphones have really become a crucial gadget for us to manage ourselves.

But, every coin has two sides and same way there are some disadvantages to the usage or the over-usage of smartphones:


it is the most prominent disadvantages as people are losing touch with spatial awareness and communication skills. It is also a very adaptable gadget which provides opportunities for using the spare time constructively.

The over-dependence also leads to eyestrain because we look at screen got hours which is bad for our eyes especially in a completely dark room. Another consequence of over dependence is Insomnia as we hey tempted to use them in late night hours so we disturb our sleep patterns which are harmful to own health.


it is a major concern nowadays surrounding usage of smartphones from web or WiFi. However, the even more critical issue is data protection. As these applications downloaded ask for personal details and even credentials in case of online payments.

Everything has negative and positive instincts, however, it is how a person uses certain things which define and categorise as being a Bane or Boon. As far as people limit themselves to using the gadgets it tends to be fruitful but the over and unnecessary usage of smartphones may lead to several problems whether it be health or time. As long as we bound ourselves to not getting addicted smartphones are crucial and healthy gadgets to get your life going smoothly.


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