I choose to believe that 50% of the human population uses some sort of torrent download site and the other 50% have at least heard of the word ‘torrent’. This article is for both types of people since I will be explaining here the basics of torrent use, then list the most popular, currently working 1337x Torrents proxy and mirror sites.

What Is 1337x?

1337x is the less-known part of the elite torrent tracker group that includes the infamous The PirateBay and ExtraTorrents. Registration to the site is open for everyone, which means that share and download files. However, you can tell how trustworthy the their upload quality based on their ranking. The most with the best quality content usually have a VIP badge under .

1337x was established in 2007, and the fact that it is still up and running suggests it will likely continue to provide torrent files longtime into the future. Out of the 2,375,000 torrents that it hosts, the most popular on 1337x are movies and TV shows, followed by games, music, and apps. The site has been recently revamped, giving it a nice, simple and organised design that makes it much easier for the user to find and download files. It now also has some very helpful search filters, such as Oscar Nominations and Libraries. However, there is one downside to using 1337x. The average download speed is only 1.9 MB/s, which ranks the site among the slowest of torrent trackers. Also, keep in mind that using 1337x is illegal in Austria, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

What Are Proxy Sites?

Given that popular torrent tracking sites are often banned and so made impossible to access, the second easiest way to use them is through so-called proxy servers. What a proxy server does is basically connecting the user’s request to access the files in a specific server with the server. It’s also the best free method to access 1337x.

How To Access Torrent If You Live In A Country Where It Is Banned

If you live in a country where the government has banned torrent sites or levies hefty fines on those who are caught torrenting, there’s still hope for you You can still access the treasure house of exclusive movies, songs, and games. You just need a Virtual Private Network or VPN!

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With a VPN, you can access the Internet without disclosing your identity as some of the sites also help you cloak your location by allowing you to connect to the server using an IP belonging to a different country. So, you can use the IP of a country where Torrent is legal to connect to the server and download as much as you like!

When choosing VPN, you need to be careful because not all providers allow torrenting. There are some VPNs that allow you to connect to some dedicated servers only and there might also be some limitation on downloading speed.

So, when looking for a VPN to access torrent servers, make sure you pick the one that has good download speed to avoid waiting too long to access your content.

What Are Mirror Sites

A lot of torrent users, and sometimes even experts, tend to confuse proxy servers with mirror sites. Let’s look at the 1337x examples. A 1337x proxy server would be an independent site that connects the user with the files in the original 1337x site, However, it can also connect to other sites, such as KickAss Torrents or The Pirate Bay. 1337x mirrors, on the other hand, are just identical copies of the original 1337x site, only with a slightly different domain and server name. Mirror sites are usually created for websites with high volume of visitors to help reduce the traffic and so make the site load faster and be more user-friendly in general. In practice, though, there isn’t much difference in the quality and privacy between proxies or mirrors.

Keep in mind, though, that there is a number of fake proxies and mirrors of 1337x out there, filled with viruses and other ways to trick the users and make money from it. The following list, therefore, consists of the top 10 fastest, virus-free and unblocked 1337x proxy and mirror sites that are still working at the moment. However, I recommend having your anti-virus program on, just in case.


1337x Alternatives 

The proxy and mirror sites mostly work with highly reliable servers in countries where torrenting is either legal or the government overlooks it. The above-mentioned sites have been carefully handpicked to ensure that you get good download speed with minimum downtime. These sites run on premium bandwidth and they have dedicated employees to cater to your proxy needs.

Happy Downloading!