Technological advancements have brought about many positive changes including in the music industry where you can access and download music for free. Through the internet, you can be sure to find plenty of websites with heavy free downloadable music.

Despite this advantage, not all sites are legal, and this brings to the needs of having the knowledge on the best methods to look for songs and how to get them safely at no cost.

It is in this reason we have prepared a list of some top 10 best ways to download music for free.

Top 10 Free Music Download WebSites Legally Online  

10. YouTube

YouTube has currently become one of the largest internet site offering unlimited and massive video streaming. It is also one of the most natural methods to get an online video, but the main problem is not all YouTube songs are downloadable. If you must use this method, it is important to find whether the song you need has a Creative common license.

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9. Epitonic

This is a curated site that has an extensive collection of free and legal mp3 music download. It is one of the oldest, but it requires one to sign up into the website for you to create a personalized playlist of the best music you would wish to download.

8. CCTrax

Unlike in other sites, songs in CCTrax are all available as Creative popular music meaning they are all free and safe to download. An advantage of this website is the beautiful layout which allows you to search for your favorite music according to the artist, genre, label, and license.

7. Noise Trade

Noise trade consists of a fantastic collection of albums created by artists whose central idea is finding out their creations. This means all the music available on this platform are all safe and free to download. The most significant advantage of using this method of music download is how easy it is to find new songs. All you need is check out the trending sections, and you can be sure of finding the Top downloads of the moment.

 6. AudioMack

This is emerging download music free online platform with an utterly user-friendly interface. It is the in the hub where music lovers visit to discover the most fantastic music. It is also well categorized into sections making it easy to get the specific collection or song that you need.

5. Free Music Archive

Just as its name, sounds, music found in this platform are entirely free and safe to download. The most significant advantage of using this method is no user account required unlike in other websites where a user account is the most prerequisite thing, and also you can downloa songs in .mp3 format.

4. Audio Archive

Also known as the internet archive is also an ideal place to find free music to download and listen. Other than music, the website also brings audio books, radio programs, podcasts and live music a factor that has made the site among the most popular and regularly visited.

3. SoundClick

This is an exclusive music download website that allows free music download directly from the artist’s website. The site has massive albums, and therefore you can be sure to get any song that you may need.

2. Jamendo

Songs uploaded in this website are all protected by the creative commons license meaning you can access any song safely and free. It is the primary site used by most of the radio stations since their songs are always regularly updated and well categorized.

1. SoundCloud

This is the most popular music download website that does allow not only free music downloads legally but also stream unlimited music for free. The site has also been rated as the best where you can access online music without making any payment. To access music from this website, all you need is to search the music through the bands or artist’s tags.


It is easy for one to argue on the need of downloading free music whereas you can stream them live. The most straightforward answer to this question is what is the solution when your mobile connection is down, or you have no cash to cater for the data This is where free music download comes in to help keep you entertained without spending a single penny. All you are required is to use either of the methods mentioned in this article.