Android is the biggest smartphone’s platform with close to 817-percent market share. Majority of Android smartphone users already have anti-virus software installed. However, having VPN shall keep you protected and safe from any

unsecured and public WiFi networks. A lot of people are getting more concerned in regard to Internet security more so, when making transactions through mobil. A Virtual Private Network, commonly known as VPN, refers to a technology that enables people to add another level of security as they surf through the Internet without having to compromise privacy of the personal data. A VPN service normally creates private and encrypted tunnels across public networks. This makes it possible for internet users to bypass geo-restrictions and ultimately enjoy greater privacy online. Even though technical aspects of Virtual Private Networks are fairly complicated, the modern VPN applications for Android have made this network technology to be accessible to everyone.

Free VPN services are increasingly becoming sophisticated. This basically means that the consumer nowadays has a variety of choices before resorting to paid alternatives. However, even in the free VPN’s world, there are still a lot of VPNs that offer competitive packages for the Android users. Below is a comprehensive review of top 10 free VPN services for Android:

  1. Flash VPN Proxy

This app offers and encrypted and a secure VPN network, which ensures that all the outgoing and incoming data is intact from data hackers. The most advantageous this about Flash VPN Proxy is that it runs smoothly. This is because it provides a good amount of a bandwidth that’s used in communication; the bandwidth communication is only provided by the premium apps. The app doesn’t have any limit when it comes to connection.

  1. ExpressVPN

The app is a common VPN service for almost all devices, including both tablets and the Android smartphones. The free version of ExpressVPN offers you seven days of unlimited access to VPN. This is important for oversee business trips or a vacation in Europe. This VPN has got servers in around 94 countries. It has a top speed that doesn’t have any connection drops or slowdowns. The connections of this VPN are encrypted automatically so as to protect the privacy of the user. The company that’s behind

ExpressVPN has a no-logging policy that’s very strict. The customer support for this VPN is accessible allover the clock through email and live chat.


Winscribe provides up to 10GB free usage in a month. It has built-in ad that act as a blocker. This means that one can easily browse with no harassment of buying or without being abstracted by the overwhelming pop-up. The best thing about Windscribe is that it can access the Netflix even though its speed may not be good.

  1. Hole Free VPN

This VPN has more than 117 users and is used in almost all the common electronic devices. The aim of Hole Free VPN is to permit its user to freely enjoy web browsing and have unlimited access to Play Store. To achieve this objective, the app is designed with a web browser that’s built-in and the capability of installing geo-restricted apps by a few clicks. Hole free version is reinforced by the commercial version of VPN service that is accessible to all the business customers.

  1. Spotflux VPN

The Spotflux takes care of data seclusion by offering two protection levels and also to minimize bandwidth consumption by just compressing data It’s therefore suitable for those who want to secure data but want to maximize the available data plan on their device.

  1. Super VPN

It’s easy to use the Super VPN Android app. Almost 5million people are the world have installed the Super VPN. This app encrypts traffic thus securing both received and transmitted data from any 3rd party with tracking intentions without configuring or registering the device settings in a very special way. A single click allows you to make use of the Internet and anonymous browsing on websites.

  1. Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

Hotspot Shield Proxy has around 330 million users around the world. It has is among the best VPN Services available for Androids. Apart from the normal features that are available in all VPN apps, this type of VPN offers an encrypted banking-level HTTPS that secures its WiFi connections thus protecting the outgoing data from eavesdroppers.

  1. Hideman VPN

The best thing about the Hideman VPN is that it protects the transmitted data Its algorithm makes use of the 256-bit encryption key to do that The VPN has a unique way of scrambling the data in that the person monitoring it cannot understand it when they don’t have the key. This VPN app provides a five free hours in every week. Such premium hours are also earned through the in-app ad networks.

  1. TunnelBear VPN

This VPN has a honey-loving mascot that aim at making VPN services available to anyone. The TunnelBear VPN services goes with the normal pricing structure of one free plan and a one premium. The app’s free service includes the 500MBs of data This 500MBs are just enough for the casual users. TunnelBear’s premium plan provides unrestricted data and can be paid for either yearly or monthly. The app is designed with a handy widget for cartoony and home screen users’ interface, which does away with the VPN services complexity.

  1. Turbo VPN

Turbo VPN is the best VPN for the Android. This is due to its reliability, performance and simplicity. This VPN app is free from the in-app ads that are not intrusive to bother people. When you compare Turbo VPN to other VPN apps, it offers the best speed with little slowdowns that may be encountered when many people are using the service at a go. The best thing about this app is its super good simplified user interface. After installing a Turbo VPN, you just have to tap the screen to activate its service. After establishing the service you can web browse privately and also enjoy the content that’s restricted regionally.


There are many VPN companies that provide paid services. However, when you want to protect your data from hackers at an affordable price, then free VPN is your best option. The listed free VPN above will secure your data freely.