Tere’s no doubt about it, Android is one of the most powerful mobile operating systems in the world. The platform supports a wide range of applications which are built to enhance the user experience for the millions of people who rely on the operating system.

Unfortunately, a large demographic of Android users are unaware of the numerous apps that are available and as such they tend to not benefit from the Android platform the way they should or and up spending unnecessarily on other add-ons for features that are offered free of charge on Android.

Hacking apps are a good example. This post will cover the top 10 best Android hacking apps as well as provide information guaranteed to enhance the Android user experience.

1. AndroRAT

AndroRAT — short for Android and Remote Administrative Tools — is a free android hacking tool designed to give users the ability to control their Android devices remotely so they can obtain the desired information from it Users can be able to obtain their call logs, contacts, text messages, monitor their phone state e.t.c. by simply having the application installed on the target device.


Apart from being absolutely free, AndroRAT is also very easy to use With a few simple clicks users can be able to access their data within a matter of minutes. Word of caution, since the app is free and very popular it is prone to malware. To protect your phone make sure you download the software only from a trusted reliable source That aside; you should be able to use the app without experiencing any major issues.

2. Hackode

Are you a security minded Android user? If so, Hackode will provide you with lots of valuable tools for your exploits. Hackode was mainly developed to gather information for cyber security professionals, IT administrators, penetration testers and ethical hackers.


The app is mainly used to gather information on target devices in order to detect vulnerabilities. As such, it may not be as useful to the average Android user Accessing the app on target devices is also relatively cumbersome to the average user since the user will need to have a Windows or Linux computer However, if you’re a security professional you should find this app to be highly beneficial.

3. cSploit

cSploit is branded as the most advanced security toolkit available for the Android platform and it’s easy to see why. The app has numerous functionalities such as the ability to find vulnerabilities in target devices, crack Wi-Fi passwords, enumerate local hosts and even install back doors in some gadgets for later access.


At the moment the app is only controlled remotely from hosts that run the UNIX operating system in order to access data on target Android devices. UNIX is highly praised for its high efficiency in virtual memory management as well as supporting the performance of complex tasks. Like Hackode, the app is mainly suited for professionals or users with above average IT knowledge.

4. Droidsheep

This app was developed mainly for hacking Wi-Fi networks. Once the app is activated it causes one’s device to act like a router that detects and intercepts Wi-Fi signals from the various networks. The user then has the option of infiltrating a Wi-Fi network and hijacking active website accounts. If you’re looking for an android app that can sniff social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter then this is the app for you.


If you’re concerned others might abuse the app to gain access to your personal accounts then consider using an encrypted and secure connection with your Wi-Fi at all times.

5. DroidBox

DroidBox is a hacking app that was built to be used for analytical purposes. By default, the Android platform does not have any analytical functionality. This is where DroidBox comes in By installing the application the user is able to obtain analytical information and analysis on issues such as network traffic, phone calls and SMS, information leaks e.t.c.


Like the other apps it is used in two mediums i.e. the target and the host. However, unlike the others, it is distributed in the form of ready-made files as well as binary code. This means that if you’re looking for an app that you can modify to meet your specific needs DroidBox is an excellent choice to consider.


zANTI is an Android network toolkit by Zimperium that allows users to scan networks easily. When you login, you can be able to map entire networks as well as sniff earlier visited sites plus their cookies. This is made possible by the various modules in zANTI. The app modules also facilitate MITM attacks.


zANTI is considered to be among the most user friendly hacking Android apps in the market. The app does not have any bugs even in low spec phones. If you’re looking for a hacking app that maintains consistent functionality across various mobile devices then zANTI should definitely be among the apps in consideration.

7. SSHDroid

SSH — short for secure shell is a network protocol that provides extra security for services over networks. SSHDroid is an implementation of this protocol in the form of an app for Android devices. The app facilitates communication between the targeted device and a host device e.g. a PC and executes various commands through various protocols e.g. FTP, SFTP e.t.c.


If you’re looking for an app that makes it easy to sync your phone and transfer data quickly this is an app to consider. The app also supports a variety of other features such as shared-key authentication and lock screen widgets in its pro version.

8. Wi-Fi Kill

As the name implies, Wi-Fi kill is an app that functions by terminating a Wi-Fi network. If you have a Wi-Fi connection that is not secure and you suspect an intruder might be using your bandwidth you can kill the connection in a few seconds by a few clicks on your smartphone.


Apart from removing unauthorized devices, Wi-Fi kill boasts of an impressive interface that is both simple and easy to use In order to avoid infecting your device and (potentially) your network with malware always ensure you obtain a copy of the app from a verified source.

9. Arpspoof

ARP — short for Address Resolution Protocol — is a protocol used to convert IP addresses into MAC addresses. Arpspoof is an app that utilizes this protocol to change network configurations.

By working in conjunction with Android, Arpspoof is able to support a wide variety of functionalities to enhance the user’s experience.


These include flipping pictures on your mobile device from a different device remotely, changing Google search keywords on your target device and even re-directing websites.

As you can tell, these are not serious activities. If you’re looking for an app just for fun hacks and play Arpspoof is sure to meet your needs.

10. Nmap

Short for network mapper, this is an app that is similar to zANTI that is used to scan/map networks. Like zANTI, it is mainly used by network engineers and cyber professionals for network exploration. On the Android platform, it works for both rooted and non-rooted smartphones. However, it is more effective on rooted phones as the configuration supports a wide variety of its features