How To Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android (No-Root)

Cortana is a personal assistant who gets to know you better all the time so she can help track the things you’re passionate about, like your favorite artist or sports team, and give you smarter recommendations. Let’s know how to use it on Android device.

Step 1. First of all, download and install Cortana app from Google Play store.

[appbox googleplay]

Step 2. Now you need to grant the permission to use GPS, Access media files, etc.

Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

Step 3. Now to get started, you need to log in with your Microsoft account.

Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

Step 4. Now you will be inside the app simply open the settings panel > Hey Cortana > From the Cortana app and turn it on.

Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

Step 5. Cortana Microphone will be created on your phone’s home screen. Just, press the home button of your phone and tap the Cortana Microphone and use voice commands to search whatever you want.

Use Microsoft’s Cortana On Android

That’s it! You are done, you can use Cortana just like you do Google Now. Simply use voice commands like ‘Call Techviral,’ ‘Set an Alarm For 3 AM’ etc. and Cortana will do it for you.

So, this is how you can use Microsoft’s Cortana on your Android smartphone. The best part of this tutorial is you don’t need a rooted Android smartphone. So, grab the Cortana app from Play Store and make full use of it.