India plans to spend a whopping $308 Million to enhance its meteorological forecasting capability by investing in the forecasting infrastructure to predict the weather more accurately in a niche manner.

This is a five-year proposal to install more radars, supercomputers, and special observatories and equip The Ministry of Earth Sciences to have better results on their job. The investment proposal has been sent to the Government of India for approval to spend 20 Million rupees.

This modernization program will help the ministry to predict severe weather more precisely and get expertise in predicting very specifically in a geographical area. The financial capital of India was attacked by the mighty weather in August halting the lives of many, disrupting the stock market, pausing the railway operations and killing a dozen of peoples. This made the Ministry realise their requirements and hence proposing the plan to GOI.

“Urban cities are a serious problem, so we are starting an urban meteorology program,” Rajeevan said in an interview in Chennai on Monday. “There are challenges in terms of predictions.”

Targeted and accurate weather forecasts are critical in India! Where rain is the lifeline for about 880 million villagers who depend on farming directly or indirectly, India is the second largest rice, wheat and sugar producing country which does require water!

Investing 20 million rupees would definitely improve the infrastructure of the country and develop the country towards lesser mishaps in natural calamities.

But let’s see what the Government of India has to reflect on this proposal by the Ministry of Earth Sciences.