WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging apps in the world and enjoys a huge user base of over 1.3-billion users.The Facebook-owned messenger has been on a roll this year, adding new features almost every week. WhatsApp is now set to unveil five new features on all its platforms, including Private Replies, Shake to Report, Picture-in-Picture mode, etc.

Features already rolled out to beta versions

According to popular tipster WABetaInfo, which covers WhatsApp’s features and developments, the Facebook-owned messaging app would launch the new features across iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and desktop platforms.

WhatsApp has reportedly rolled out these features for unblocking users, private replies in group conversations, reporting something to WhatsApp, etc. on its beta versions. They will be added to the stable version soon.

WhatsApp beta versions and new features

WABetaInfo said WhatsApp beta version 2.7315 adds two features: Private Replies and Picture-in-Picture mode. Meanwhile, beta versions 2.17.424, 2.17.436 and 2.17.437 bring in “Tap to unblock user”, “Shake to Report”, and “Invite via link” shortcut features.

What is the Picture-in-Picture mode?

The Picture-in-Picture (PIP) mode would allow users to perform multiple tasks during a video call.

It would appear as an icon when the user is on a video call. Tapping on the icon would activate the PIP mode, running the video call in a new window.

The window can be moved around and resized, so it doesn’t block other running apps/activities below it.

Sending private replies in WhatsApp groups

With another upcoming feature, WhatsApp users can send private replies even in a group conversation on the messaging app.

This interesting option will allow the user to send a message to a particular participant of the WhatsApp group, meaning other members wouldn’t be able to see the message.

Reportedly, this feature has already been seen on the Web version of WhatsApp.

Shortcut for inviting members to groups

WABetaInfo said that WhatsApp, in the Android beta version, has added a new shortcut named “Invite via Link” in the Group Info.

This would be similar to the existing group invitation option in the WhatsApp iOS app.

This feature would allow group admins to send invitation links to people interested in joining the app. Admins would also have more control over their groups.